clouDAS - Cloud Diagnosing & Analyzing Service
Automatic Diagnosing & Analyzing of Student's learning status.
Allows teacher to precisely diagnose individual student's misconceptions and/or difficulties.

Educational cloud computing service.

Automatically generates sophisticated teaching & learning diagnostic reports.
  • Providing kinds of reports
  • Caution index chart -checking student's learning performance.
  • Teachers can check question quality from the chart.
  • Easy to check which key concept must be enhanced.

Keeping track of every individual student's learning status is the key for teachers to help them learn better. Normally assessments are conducted by teachers to determine the students’ level of understanding. By analyzing the assessment results, teachers are able to precisely diagnose individual student’s misconceptions and/or difficulties. However, for the teachers who have dozens of students in their classrooms, it is not easy for them to know well every individual student's learning status, even with the possession of the assessment results.

clouDAS is an internet service based on the cloud computing engine of Automatic Diagnosing & Analyzing System (ADAS for short). It is an educational cloud computing service that diagnoses and analyzes students’ test results, and interprets them into sophisticated diagnostic reports. The diagnosis is done by simply importing the test data of the students to the server; the test data can be sourced from the traditional test paper or interactive response system (IRS). The generated diagnostic reports provide concise statistical graphs, charts and tables on class-wide student performance and also individual student performance, which in turn give the educators (including principals and teachers) and students (including students’ parents) a better insight of the teaching/learning status.

Important reports
clouDAS is a convenient, efficient, and intelligent diagnostic service for the new era's education.

Features of clouDAS

- Automatically generates sophisticated teaching and learning diagnostic reports.
- Uploads data of different source kinds to cloud computing server for analysis, including Test Papers, OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) Scoring System, OSN (Online Scoring Network) System and IRS (voting system).

Different data sources
Uploads data of different source kinds to cloud computing server for analysis.

- Various report forms made accessible to principals, teachers and students.

Providing kinds of reports

- Concise graphs in different forms.
- Precise and thorough diagnosis on test data.
- Users receive reports via e-mail.
- Seamless connection with HiTeach software.

HiTeach links to clouDAS seamlessly.
Assessing record of IRS can upload to clouDAS directly via HiTeach.

- Student Learning Force Diagnosis helps set goal and appropriate study strategies with a clearer sight.
- Question Measurement Analysis allows teachers to establish high-quality question pool.
- Test Compulsing Skill Diagnosis results provides reference for question design and expression improvement.
- Bonding of clouDAS report and e-reMediation solution allows more effective learning and enhanced achievement of students’.

Binding diagnosing report and video