AI Sokrates
AI Smart Coaching for the Making of Smarter Teachers
TEAM Model’s AI Sokrates are equipped with automatic and semi-automatic AI collection of teaching behaviors data for teachers to conduct real-time analysis on teaching models and teaching methods based on objective data and the instruction and advice of classroom observation specialists. This will greatly enhance the efficiency of teachers’ professional instruction.The collected big data can converge, analyze and further construct a norm in teaching models for various regions, hence a great breakthrough in teachers’ professional development.

  • The Great Coach for Teachers’ Professional Development
  • The Great Counsel for the Instruction research Director
  • The Great Assistant to the Principal for Teacher Management
  • AI Sokrates receives Great Testimonial in applying technology in education

In TEAM Model’s Smarter Classroom, features like the Sokrates system with “Tool-based Learning” capabilities, technological interaction for feedbacks, teaching approach applications and teaching materials implementation index can assist teachers with self-reflection, exploration, collaboration, sharing, akin to the role of teachers’ AI Smart coach. To put this coach to good use will help teachers fully utilize TEAM Model Smart teaching techniques.

Sokrates Management Platform
Create AI smarter schools with AI Technology

Schools equipped with complete Sokrates system utilize management platform for automatic analysis, analysis report and video outputs, allowing school administrators to fully grasp the status of smarter schools, and also the development of smarter teachers.

  • Data strategy
    School leaders can oversee the state of teaching by all teachers within the school and conduct more effective strategies accordingly.
  • Teachers' development
    Teachers are able to enhance their professional development with the aid of technology by viewing their performance via the Sokrates reports, allowing teachers to improve themselves.
  • Cloud management
    Systematically organize learning results on the AI smart management cloud platform.
  • Sokrates Reports
    Characteristics of Teaching Behaviors Data + AI Analysis

    Sokrates reports keep you informed on technological interaction, teaching method application, teaching materials implementation index and usage frequency of system tools all within one class session, while helping classroom observation specialist/teachers conduct classroom observation/teaching analysis more scientifically .

    Technological interaction index 0-100:
    Illustrates the use of technology. For instance, the usage frequency and timing of such technological interaction as the score board, people selection, IRS, statistics charts, timers, push-and-send, transmit, knock-out and buzz-in can be computed into AI technology interaction index via AI Sokrates data analysis.

    Teaching method application index 0-100:
    Illustrates the level of technological integration into teaching. This is an AI-computed teaching method application index based on teacher-student interaction data generated by student-centered concept analysis, collaborated learning, classroom quizzes, smart strategies and hierarchical teaching.

    Sokrates Videos
    Savor the essence of a 40-minute class in 1 minute

    The Sokrates video is a 3-in-1 teaching demo video, integrating “Traditional Teaching Video”, “Teaching behavior traits” and “AI-powered performance analytics”. Available in the linear teaching video are automatic segmentation and bookmarks from specialists, observers, plus effective teachings etc. Clicking on “Smart tags” enables viewers to redirect to the corresponding point of the video. No need to fast forward, reverse or search…. Savor the complete teaching essence of a 40-minute session in 1 minute.

    Authentic presentation and complete recording of teaching videos.
    Smart tags. Fast Retrieval. One-click Playback.
    AI. Statistic Data. Chart Analysis.

    Sokrates Channel
    AV Social Media Platform for Teachers' Professional Development

    The Sokrates Channel serves as an AV social media platform for teachers’ professional development and converges all user videos which users can search, view, comment on and share. The Sokrates Channel is also a video-sharing website for teachers' perfessional development. Each channel belongs to a certain smarter district or smarter school to promote scholarly research, norm analysis, classroom observation and sharing mechanism for accelerating teachers’ professional development.