Online Scoring System
Fast and Easy Digital Test Correction
Optimized test correction process that saves manpower. Analysis and export of score statistics

  • Customizable answer sheets
  • Supports multi-page double-sided scanning and recognition
  • Automatic multi-page grouping and rotation in answer sheet scanning
  • Advance-checking mechanism for answer sheets
  • Supports check and cross markings
  • High-precision recignition
  • Clear and simple test correction process
  • Supports black-and-white answer sheets (print-out/photocopy)
  • Automatically screens for invalid answer sheets
  • Supports various statistical reports
  • 100% proprietary system that can be integrated with other systems
  • Watermark answer sheet authentication
  • Supports multiple question types (objective/subjective questions)


  • Supports multiple answer sheet sources
  • Supports batch print-out of answer sheets
  • Answer sheet recognition with optimized image processing
  • Clear and simple test correction process
  • Analysis and export of socre statistics
  • Directly connected to clouDAS cloud diagnosis and analysis services