IES Instructional Expert System
Seamless big data streaming for stress-free cloud learning.
IES is a cloud platform that supports all 3 stages of teaching and learning from before, during, to after the class efficiently and conveniently.

In a school that is fully integrated with the TEAM Model Smarter Classroom, HiTeach Pro is the service software on the classroom end, IES Pro is the cloud remediation platform, and together they connect all Smarter Classrooms in the school. Teachers can store teaching materials in IES Pro for easy access. The e-notes from class and student learning portfolios can also be stored in IES Pro. Diagnostic reports from teaching activities and remediation services can also be shared and communicated via the cloud platform.

Cloud Material Pool Management and Sharing

Teachers can create a complete materials pool on the IES Cloud Remediation Platform for downloading materials and test sheets and sharing materials. They can also publish materials and assign them for students of specific courses to read. After class, teaching records can be uploaded to the cloud for storage.

Perfect Integration with Smarter Classroom Cloud

Smarter Classroom HiTeach Interactive Teaching System allows teachers to download student lists and teaching materials for the IES Cloud Remediation Platform, so that teachers are not confined by the classroom. Also, the IRS feedback system interaction data can be directly uploaded to the cloud. In addition, the e-notes made with the writing function in HiTeach are automatically uploaded to IES after class for student remediation.

Task Assignment and Tracking

Teachers can assign preview materials, and IES automatically keeps track of the numbers of students whose preview assignments are completed, in-progress, or not started. Teachers can view records of student log-in, viewing materials, and assignment submission on the IES Cloud Remediation Platform to track their conditions. Statistical graphics can be produced based on learning portfolios for reference in teaching. Forum is also available for students to post and discuss questions, enabling collaborative learning.

Syllabus Management

Teachers can edit syllabus on the IES Cloud Remediation Platform then publish contents to students as scheduled,effectively managing materials and course progress.

Score Statistics

Teachers can manage online tests, manually entered scores (e.g. for written tests),assignment scores, and answer records uploaded from IRS feedback system, then perform weighted calculation for specific activitie s and export results as Excel spreadsheets.

Online Tests and Analytical Reports

Online tests can take various forms. After activities, students can immediately check test results. Teachers can view various analytical reports including assessment statistics and assessment records, so that they understand the learning progress of their classes.


The IES Cloud Remediation Platform offers functions including bulletin,forum, materials sharing, class student list management, e-slip, my drive, and personal information management, enhancing interaction among teachers,students, and parents..

IES District Integration Platform

IES District version is a service platform available for Smarter School and Smater District installations, integrating all Smarter Schools and all Smarter Classrooms and enabling cross-school activities and resource integration.