HiLearning Mobile
Make smartphone become the best learning companion of students.
Not only "voting" but also sending "message and pictures"!

The popularity of intelligent mobile devices and the rapid development of Big Data technology enhance the value of smarter teaching and learning Apps. TMSC (TEAM Model Smarter Classroom) is strongly connecting the smarter teaching equipments with all resources on IES platform.

If we can make students' smartphone become the best learning companion in their learning process; especially in the smarter classroom, they can interact with teachers through their smartphone making them experiencing the unpredictable experience.

Let's experience the convenience of the HiLearning Mobile system.

HiLearning Mobile is a smartphone app to enhance learning in Smarter Classroom. Its features include IRS tools (quizzes and buzz-in), collecting ideas (receiving and sending messages), sending images, and assignment review (teacher end). (Teacher-end HiTeach Mobile requires Wi-Fi connection.)

Supported smartphone platforms: iOS: iOS 7 or later; Model: iPhone 4s or later Android: Jelly Bean 4.1.X or later

IRS tools (quizzes, buzz-in):

Teachers can use HiTeach Mobile IRS tools in class to raise questions, and students can answer with the virtual remote control feature.

Student answers and the analyses thereof can be graphically displayed in HiTeach Mobile, so that teachers can keep track of students' learning outcomes.

Collecting ideas:

Teachers send questions to students via messaging, and students can also send answers via messaging. With HiTeach Mobile, teachers can analyze the feedback and have an overview of students' answers.

Sending images:

Students can take pictures with their phones and send the pictures to the teacher. The teacher can immediately view, collect, and share the images, enriching the e-Teaching experience.

Assignment comparison:

The assignment comparison feature on HiTeach Mobile allows immediate comparisons of the images sent by students.

Supports IRS Marks When Activating Screen Recording

Students click “*” which marks critical, click “!” which marks difficult.