HiLearning – Student-tablet learning system
Increases proactive learning of students through the use of touch pad.
Students are more engaged by attaining the 5Rs – Reading, Research, Response, Report and Remediation.

Supports simultaneous assessment, quiz and other activities in class.

Instant demonstration of statistics, charts, rankings and preceding records.
  • student's Learning Companion
  • Response and answer questions.
  • Serious deployment test by HABOOK RD team.
  • Rich digital tools.

Student tablet (e-student-backpack) is a major learning tool in the 21st century. It promotes the interaction between teachers and students, and enhances students’ learning performances. There are various tablet solutions in the market without educational research. Our HiLearning is developed by Dr. Sams Wang, who believes 5R theory is the key to the success of student tablet solution. Only with Reading, Response, Research function act as a learning companion, and Report and Remediation serve as a private tutor, and then we can get close to our ideal of 1-to-1 learning..

Features of HiLearning

- Supports various multimedia contents including text, photo, video and audio etc.
- Supports the internet search function. Users can add content to a new page and proceed with editing.
- Assesses the students’ in-class learning progress; through the quiz mode, instant percentage of students answering correctly and incorrectly can be obtained by the teacher.
- Students can send instant messages to teacher's host page.
- Allows online handing in of homework.
- Allows uploading of various statistical reports and data to clouDAS (a cloud computing system).
- Receives student’s personal learning diagnostic report automatically.
- Remediation.
- Supports Windows system devices (Windows RT not included), iPad, Android pad.