Haboard – Interactive White Board
The best mate for teachers ever!
Touch- and pen-based operation
Accommodates a variety of software

Annotation on web pages, animations or video clips

Userfriendly hotkeys and IRS receiver inside,
bring you most convenient experience.
  • Haboard HBM-078R won Taiwan Excellence Award in 2013
  • Multi-function and user friendly design
  • Userfriendly hotkeys on Haboard
  • Integrated with HiTeach (Taiwan Excellence Award 2011)

Haboard, ezVision, and IRS are perfectly integrated into a seamless platform, Hiteach - the integrative teaching software, which allows taking pictures, marking on the board, and performing IRS voting activities to be carried out simultaneously. With this 3-in-1 integration, users no longer get afflicted by shifting among 3 different operating software.

Haboard has general functionalities that are commonly found in IWB. Moreover, Haboard also contains many additional functions that are uniquely developed and built in to make teacher’s instruction in class easier and full of joy.


- Infrared touch technology.
- Navigate page with 3-finger touch.
- Powered by USB, no electricity needed.
- Onboard pen tray with multi-color pens and an eraser.
- Surface damage does not lessen performance.
- Operate-able by both pen and fingers.
- Quick buttons on the sides.
- Anti-glare surface.
- Multi- or single-touch boards available.
- Sized up to 105 inches.
- Rich selection of easy-to use functions.