AClass brings teaching to the next level by developing the best solution implementing ICE (Intelligence, Convenience, Efficiency). In the past, most of the teachers used one-way preaching in class, and students just learned passively. Our solution changes teaching and learning pattern by creating a vivid environment and providing multi-directional interactions in class. It not only brings fun activities into classroom, but also engages students’ participation in learning and inspires teachers’ innovation in teaching.



The core of e-Teaching – HiTeach, has been proven by the 2011 Taiwan Excellence Award and the Computex 2011 Best Choice Award Jury’s Special Award on its ability to improve teaching and learning. It connects the most commonly applied and user-friendly tools – Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), Document Camera (DC), and Interactive Response System (IRS).



Deploying e-Teaching in classroom saves teachers a lot of time and efforts for switching back and forth from different device. All of which are incorporated seamlessly by HiTeach so teachers can easily operate with little practice. That is to say, our solution definitely makes teachers use ICT in classroom conveniently, and by practicing it daily, teachers will develop his or her own innovative teaching models.


Basic Equipments

Additional Equipments