Instruction Expert System (IES) is the cutting edge ICT solution in education developed by AClass Learning Technology. It provides a delightful and seamless user experience for teachers to not only teach in the classroom, but also fully understand individual student’s learning status and the whole class’ learning pace. The teacher who uses IES can easily teach in the classroom by using the ICT equipments, such as interactive whiteboard (IWB), document camera (DC), tablet, and an interactive response system (IRS). At the end of a course, the teacher can assess students and instantly get the results. Through the support of the IES, the teacher can diagnose and further analyze the whole class and individual student’s learning performance. Every student’s learning record will automatically form his/her own learning portfolio. With the diagnosing information, the teacher can precisely anchor individual student’s learning status and provide proper remediated material for them.

The purposes of IES are innovating, interacting and improving teacher’s teaching (Iii teaching) so that engaging, enriching and enhancing students’ learning (Eee learning). To achieve these goals, the IES comprises with four parts:


The four parts can work standalone or can work together to form a high performance e-Classroom so that achieving full-ranged instruction purposes, which are teaching, assessing, diagnosing and remediation.