Seamlessly integrates IWB, Document Cameras, and IRS.

HiTeach interactive teaching system has powerful, easy to use, highly integrated features.The teachers just need small changes but get great benefit. It is an important software in the TEAM Model smarter classroom.

HiTeach provides a powerful electronic whiteboard functions (highly recommended using with Haboard), including a variety of annotation types of strokes (eg, hard brush, bamboo pen, marker pen, laser pen, etc.), smart pen, screen annotation (allowing endorse any Windows screen). HiTeach also retain electronic notes page by page, and offers a variety of teaching tools (such Pick out, Spotlight, Curtain, etc.) for classroom management.

In addition, HiTeach can capture video source from ezVision DC to the whiteboard page, and you can annotae and use other whiteboard applications. If you have IRS, you can immediately use the IRS to do the interactive quiz, assessment and other activities.In other words, this solution can help teachers' teaching process, including courses preparing, explaining the instructions, homeworks REVIEW... and so on. That solves when teachers use e-teaching equipments, they must use a variety of software in former days.

The main characteristics of HiTeach with IWB

A movable tool bar; convenient for both adult and children to operate
Smartphone-like and instinct operation
Build-in handwriting recognition of Chinese and English characters
Innovative automatic size adjustment; unify the size of handwriting
Multimedia teaching pages combine films, photos, animations and texts.
Unlimited copy-paste function facilitates teaching
Rich teaching aids, such as compass and ruler, to facilitate teacher’s instruction; Flash-based teaching aids can be added
Abundant and free public image packs resources
Interactive annotations on texts, images or animations
Multiple white board pages; seamless integration with screen annotation
Free to draw and copy objects among different pages
Integrating with wireless control panel(Haboard Anywhere) could be used with any kind of IWB

The main characteristics of HiTeach with IRS

The software of IWB is the editing tool of IRS multimedia quizzes
Build-in meta data editor to set up the attributes of professional questions
Prompt QA
Pre-organizing teaching content and questions
Instant assessments
Anonymous voting
Group competition
Pick and answer
Comparison of pre-exam and post-exam
10 types of statistical charts and reports
Floating and switchable response display area
Seamless integration of screen annotation

The main characteristics of HiTeach with ezVision

Full screen document projection
Quality-changeable video recording
Mode of exercise reviews
Mode of continuous documents shooting
Time-lapse recording
Partial and full document copy-and-paste