Individual report and whole-class report

Normally after testing, teachers have no time to go through the questions one by one, so they just randomly ask students to ask questions and then they explain or teach again. With our clouDAS, teachers can easily get the analysis and diagnosis report within one minute! How efficient is that! The sophisticated report not only summarizes whole class test result of the key concept, but also shows individual performance! Teachers can base on it to decide which section he or she will need to teach again!

Learning stability and Test item diagnosis

It also diagnoses students learning stability and the abnormality of the test items. Therefore, teachers will be able to provide necessary and helpful support base on various scenarios, and also, improve themselves when creating a test sheets! It provides win-win situation for both students and teachers, not to mention parents and school administrators.

e-Diagnosing solution has these systems:

  • clouDAS – Cloud Diagnosing & Analyzing Service