Teachers need to know how well students learn after teaching, and normally it comes with in class Q&A or quizzes. With our solution, students can provide feedback immediately via IRS so teachers can adjust his or her teaching pace. And in class activities and pop quizzes will be shown by real-time statistics on the interactive whiteboard, which can lead to further discussion or simply for assessment. The best part is, all the answering record will be saved, either in the hard drives or on cloud! It also helps teachers perform simple summary and analysis, so they can get better understanding of each student’s performance and learning progress efficiently without putting a lot of efforts!



There are plenty of fun activity modes such as Group Competition, Pick-Out, Knock-Out, Buzz-In games for teachers to carry out in classes based on various scenario and courses. It helps students interact with the teacher and also with each other. The existence of these activities can gradually help change from teaching-centered to student-centered by engaging students in learning. Once their learning experiences are enriched, they would start to learn actively, and then in the end, their overall performances will be enhanced!



  • HiTeach – Application software based Interactive Response System